Next Generation Web Scraping

Round the clock whole year data tracking! We focus on extracting high value data from difficult to reach sources. We create unified data repositories of people, numbers, updates, regulations, organizations and more. Always alert with our non-stop tracking of data every 30 minutes 365 days a year.

Extracting Data Others Cannot Reach
Precision Extraction

Our engines powered the extraction of 2000 data points from over 200 countries to help the World Health Organization fight Covid, checking each and every data point every 30 minutes. Data points were supplied in over 50 different languages. Sources range from email to infographic announcements on social media.

Multilingual Scraping

Our engines translate text, dates and numbers from including mixed formats. We handle all global languages. We use a range of translation engines, with advance hashing and cashing algorithms to keep translate costs low.

AI Powered Taxonomy Discovery

We use multiple layered taxonomies to enrich the information we extract. AI discovers new tags as our vernacular evolves and the corpus of harvested text increases. This is particularly useful in legal fields such as regulatory monitoring where off the shelf ontologies are not sufficient.

AI based Infographic Data Parsing

OCR has been around for a long time and is generally very good at reading standard text, however it struggles with complex graphics. Our adaptive use of multiple AI engines can extract the data from even the most complex of images.

Extract, Enrich, Create Value.

Natural Page Viewers

Our extractors load all pages in headless and desktop browsers. Pages are loaded as they would be by a human. Buttons are clicked as they would be by humans. The robots watch for the page to fully render before searching for data.

Massive Scalability

Our teams are responsible delivering for millions of datasets, news stories and regulations every day. The architecture efficiently scales to whatever size is required.

We are the suppliers' supplier

As well as services, we also build bespoke solutions and licensed bespoke hybrid solutions. So you can maintain your premium intellectual property whilst focusing on the business of making money.

Teams of Analysts for hire

We have teams of experienced analysts in Spain, Romania and India. Our teams are fast, effective and can augment your existing teams as needed.

Empowering Enterprises with Clean Structured Web Data Scraping website.

Well-managed & enterprise-grade web scraping services to get clean and comprehensive data. Script Robots' well-managed platform provides a complete service package to easily convert millions of webpages into plug-and-play data. Get clean & clear data from any site without any hassle!

Focused Content

What you get is curated and specific content that is tailored to suit all your needs. The content is just what you require to deliver to your target audience. We ensure your service is as unique as your promise to your customers.

Easy to add

Our extracted data is provided in API xml feeds, and is a breeze to add to your platform that can be done in seconds. You can easily add and configure them in no time.

Happy Customers

Our clients have been ‘Happy Customers’ and come to us every time. What others cannot do, we can make happen for you!

AI based scraping designed for analysts

Come with us on a walk-through of the video. Understand us and our services better!

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